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The only way to train BATTLES is to BATTLE. You cannot train battle in the mirrior. That is working on moves that you cant see in shadows (the original mirror training was on the street, under a street light, watchig your shadow) we were literally shadow boxing on the street corners practicing. If you really consider yourself a battler, you would be battling all the time, not just in contests. Most people dont want to battle, they just want to win a contest. But the real truth, Battle is a lifestyle. Study GREENTEK and his rise to fame. He battled on and off the court. Real street battlers dont need a Promoter. they need good oponents. Make BATTLE NORMAL, BATTLE everyday, call out all your team mates, and students, call out at least 2 or 3 times at every jam, make sure you get your rounds in before you enter a contest. And when they fnally call your name, you will be relaxed, and normal, and now you can get down to business. GET YOUR HEAD UT THE CLOUDS, Worry about the cat in front of you, and stop worrying about the win! if the person in front of you remembers your name, that is all that matters win lose or draw.
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