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Listen to a Track you like. Then in your head, create another basic Beat Pattern to go over it, and loop it in your mind. Then practice Isolating and Popping Each Muscle to the Beat in your mind, over the funky track you were listening to. Creating Rhythms over Rhythms is good Beat Training.
Train to Music that you LOVE and that MOVES YOU. Not Just battle beats, and the obvious. If it is your fathers Soul collection, or your Big Brothers Hip Hop Play List then so be it. What ever it is that you enjoy listening to on your Ipod when you are not dancing. This will add to your feeling for dance and music. Then aply these feelings you have towards your favorite music to you dance.
TODAYS battle Beats/ Beat Freak Beats
were actually ELECTRIC BOOGALOOS SHOW MUSIC. Not really meant for Battles.
After we did the EB showcase, where Electric Boogaloos Taught how to catch the Hi Hats, Snares, Bass kicks, and bass lines. I used the Puffy remix, to catch Bless and Whistles (random sounds)
The Electric Boogaloos was adding Bells and Whistles to our show music, and started catching sound effects in my solos.
The LIL BOOGZ took it a step further, with the Moves on Sounds, same with ABM, and Motion Sickness. It caught on. Brotha PSYK made an ill remix, and made the beats Harder.
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