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young mr wiggles 1981
Young Mr Wiggles rocking a Le Tigre Polo, Cazal Frames, Trucker hat, silver chain.
1981 photo shoot for Antonio Lopez (rip) (world renown Puerto Rican fashion illustrator) one of the people who helped boost Rock Steady Crew to the mainstream. He was creating a book called 1001 KNIGHTS, and was using rock Steady Crew as models for the Book. I will post more pictures from the book, that i was also featured in. Antonio was an amazing person. Loved dance, and also had a film during the same time as Flash Dance that featured us. it was called PORTFOLIO. And it was around this same time. I believe this photo was for all his projects that he wanted to include rock Steady in. Electric Company was my original Bronx Boogie Crew. And during this time, we united with Rock Steady and became rock steady electric company.