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First study all the foundations of Hip Hop Dance. Popping, Rocking, Freestyle/Party Dance, as fellas the West Coast street styles POPPING, and LOCKING.
Yes, but if you study from a professional, you will earn the proper techniques, and much quicker, by way of solid foundation.
Many will say it is BREAKING, POPPING, and LOCKING. Due the popularity of early Hip Hop Movies like BEAT STREET, and BREAKIN. But the real truth would be: BREAKING, ROCKING, and FREESTYLE/PARTY DANCE
YES, HIP HOP DANCE, is an extreme physical, and cardio workout, and also a fund dance. Even if you do basics in any of the styles of Hip Hop, we believe you would receive great benefits in your health.
First make sure you love the music. if you are a fan of real Hip Hop Music (Break Beats & Rhymes, Rap, Electro Funk). First thing any Hip Hop beginner should learn is simple Groove, and 2 Steps. Even for Breaking. Having a good sense of rhythm will take you far in any style of Hip Hop. Make sure you take classes with a reputable studio that teaches foundations in all Hip Hop dance styles.
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