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Mr Wiggles Hip Hop Camp


Wiggles will teach original Hip Hop concepts inspired by Bronx Park Jams in the late 70’s-Early 80’s.

  • HIP HOP PARTY ROCK: Grooves and Steps from the 70’s,-early 80’s. Park Jam style Party Dances.
  • ELECTRIC BOOGIE: Original early 80’s Popping mixed with HIP HOP. POPPING with the Bounce, used in Hip Hip Battles today.
  • FREESTYLE ROCK: The Latino Influence in HIP HOP. Late 70’s style, Bronx Rock.
  • TOP ROCK and DROPS: Mr Wiggles will teach all early steps, as well as steps he developed.
  • DALE WEBO: Latino Social Dance. Early 80’s Latino Freestyle popular with early 80’s BBOYS/BGIRLS.
  • HAND STYLES: Developed by mr Wiggles using, 52 Blocks, Threads, Burns, Waves and more.
  • BBOY/BGIRL HUSTLE: A style inspired by early BBOY partnering. Social Dance inspired by the Spanish Hustle.
  • LECTURE: Mr Wiggles will discuss his Bronx Experience in early HIP HOP Culture.
  • (optional) BATTLE TRAINING: Will give the best advice for hot to prepare for Contests.
  • (optional) STUDIO JAM: Mr Wiggles will MC, and Play relevant Music, while hosting social dance and ciphers.
  • (optional) GRAFFITI SESSION: Mr Wiggles will teach a Graffiti Class. How to TAG, and PIECE.

    MR WIGGLES will focus on original elements that are not being taught in any other school. Secrets of Street Culture.

    here are some SECRETS of HIP HOP/STREET STYLES
  • BBOY HUSTLE: (Social Partnering style of dance) Is a 2 man Bboy Freestyle that can do at a HIP HOP JAM using the Basic 2 step of Breaking. Although rarely done or seen back in the days. It did take place at original JAMS where BBoys/BGirls Dance and Slap 5 (ghetto handshake) while getting down. The title (Bboy Hustle) Is actually a Name given by PHASE 2 (Hip Hop Pioneer who was at early Kool Herc Jams). ALEN NESS and WIGS have adapted this style for todays BBoys and BGirls to use as a Social Dance.
  • DALE WEBO: (a freestyle dance done in the early 80’s based on the new “NEW WAVE music that was introduced in the early 80’s. Described by a Pioneer of the style MELLOW as a LEG DANCE or a spiral version of lofting. Also very Sexy at times done with Male and Female Partners. Mr Wiggles learned this style in the Bronx at a spot called the Plazita (the plaza) where many Webo Dancers Hung out in the 80’s) Mr Wiggles will teach Basic Webo Freestyle Moves and Steps. Web has influenced HOUSE and Moves can be seen in Breaking.
  • ELECTRIC BOOGIE: (BBoy/BGirl Popping or Popping with the BOUNCE) This dance has moves that has influenced many styles including House, Hip Hop Freestyle and Breaking. The Influence by the Electric Boogaloos performances on Soul Train in the early 80’s. This dance is still being done in Hip Hop Freestyle Battles worldwide. When ever you see a Popping in a Hip Hop Battle, that is generally called Electric Boogie.
  • HAND STYLES: moves inspired by 52 Blocks, Burns, Threads, Tuts, and all technical arm styles. Mr Wiggles will draw from his own experience in HIP HOP dance to bring you all the original hand gestures and poses of HIP HOP since the 70’s.
  • FREAK DANCE was the biggest HIP HOP dance in the late 70;s that even have a disco song called “FREAK OUT le freak ze shiek” This disco song is talking about a specific HIP HOP dance that came out in the late 70’e. Mr Wiggles will teach all the basic FREAK DANCE steps of the 70’s.
  • SMURF DANCE: An original Hip Hop Party Dance. Mr Wiggles will teach how the Freestylers did it. The Hard Too Step version. Take SMURF to the next level.
  • -STREET SLANG, knowledge of how we talk in New York, and how to keep up with Hip Hop Slang, and the meaning behind many famous songs.
  • GRAFFITI COURSE: 3 separate lessons, TAGS, THROWUPS, and MASTER PIECES. learn how to write, the original language of HIP HOP.
  • DAY 1: HIP HOP
    1 hr: Latino Influence in HIP HOP. Rock, Freestyle, Bronx Latin Soul steps, WEBO
    1 hr: Hip Hop Social Dances (70’s Bronx Style) Patty Duke, Freak, original Smurf, Gigolo, Click Clak.
    1 hr: BREAK and practice time
    1 hr: Top Rock & Drops, Go Downs (advanced Top Rock Steps and Combinations)
    1 hr: Electric Boogie/ Popping with the Bounce Steps. Original MOVES & CONCEPTS
    1 hr: Lecture
    30 min: Popping Technique and Drills
    1 hr: Boogaloo Foundation, walk outs, boogaloo walk outs, twist flex, master flex, romeo twists
    Styles, Puppet, Scarecrow, Toy Man, Shadow Box.
    30 min: Floats, Slides & Glides drills: Back Slide, Reverse Slides, Wiggle Walk, Side Float, Side Glide variations
    1 hr: BREAK and practice time
    1 hr: King Tut, Wrist Roll Tuts, Boxes, Kali style, Push and Pull concepts and Combinations
    30 min: Levels & Ground Moves training
    30 hr: Waves, Animated, Tick, Snakes, Cobra, Combination, Connecting, Shock waves.
    Remainder of class is Battle training & exercises.
    1 hr: Lecture


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