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mr wiggles private training
1 on 1 Training with Mr Wiggles in Many styles. TOP ROCK, PARTY ROCK, POPPING, KING TUT, FREESTYLE and more. Once you purchase a time slot, just text me the style you want to train. And we will build =)
15 MINUTE is SOLID TRAINING! all DRILLS plus a 10 minute discussion
30 MINUTE is SOLID TRAINING! all DRILLS plus a 5 minute discussion
The same with every class, TRAINING TIME Means Lessons and DRILLS, and all discussion is separate, to make sure you get your Moneys Worth. =)

Class will be conducted on ZOOM, IG, or other online platforms agreed upon.

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if you love the mr Wiggles Site, and would like to support him in his Journy in sharing his expiriance in HIP HOP. Please feel free to Donate to the cause. And recieve a special Signiture gift from Mr Wiggles. =)

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