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DJ Kool Herc is the Official Father of Hip Hop Culture. His music selection, and connection to the BBOY/BGIRL Community, as well as his overwhelming presence on the streets created a huge following that lead to all the manifestations of what Hip Hop is today.
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The official year is 1973, the year that DJ Kool Herc had a famous party for his sister, and where he started playing his trademark style of Bboy Music, and how he played his music set off the scene that sparked the flames for what today's Hip Hop represents.
dj kool herc first party flyer 1973
DJ (that cuts break beats), MC (rapper), BBOY/BGIRL (breaking is the original Hip Hop Dance), WRITER (original term for graffiti writer), KNOWLEDGE (of Hip Hop History, of self, Other people, cultures, and the world around you)
the basic elements of Hip Hop Dance are: from NYC we have Breaking, Rocking, Party Dance/Freestyle, Electric Boogie. and from the West Coast influence we also include POPPING, and LOCKING.
Many will say it is BREAKING, POPPING, and LOCKING. Due the popularity of early Hip Hop Movies like BEAT STREET, and BREAKIN. But the real truth would be: BREAKING, ROCKING, and FREESTYLE/PARTY DANCE
YES, HIP HOP DANCE, is an extreme physical, and cardio workout, and also a fund dance. Even if you do basics in any of the styles of Hip Hop, we believe you would receive great benefits in your health.
First make sure you love the music. if you are a fan of real Hip Hop Music (Break Beats & Rhymes, Rap, Electro Funk). First thing any Hip Hop beginner should learn is simple Groove, and 2 Steps. Even for Breaking. Having a good sense of rhythm will take you far in any style of Hip Hop. Make sure you take classes with a reputable studio that teaches foundations in all Hip Hop dance styles.
The traditional way to get your name in Hip Hop Dance, is when your teacher, or someone influential gives you a name. You want a name with meaning, that represents your dance, and someone who has been there through out your journey who you respect, is the best person to give you a name. Other wise, some people choose a name based on his or her movement, add the word BOOGIE and your Initials, Start with MR, or MRS and add a funky move like MR WIGGLES ;), Use your CITY and add your initials. Try starting with a 3 letter word taken from your first or last name, or do like POP MASTER FABEL and open a dictionary, cover your eyes, flick the pages, and point at a random word (true story), then change the spelling of the word to give the name a twist.
If You dedicate yourself to studying basics without getting ahead of yourself, keeping up with social style dance 2 steps, and grooves, learn short 4 count freestyles, and build up to 8 count, 16 count, 32 count freestyles, and battle in open ciphers with other students, you will get good fast. But it takes a patient mindset to study foundation without getting anxious to grow. You are good once you can combine rhythm, groove, steps, and moves with confidence.

Is Eminem a Guest

My answer to that question is with a reply. He is a Contributor. Sure he gained allot of fame and fortune in Hip Hop. But has given back, and has contributed much more. His influence on the Rap scene is Outstanding. I dont own many of his albums. Was very critical of his Beat choice. He rapped in the algorithms that he was comfortable with, and chose beats that never outshined his skills. His skills far surpass 75% of top Black and of Color Rappers. And lets face it, more of Color Rappers have sold the culture out for less!
This brotha stuck with his guns, could have went the electronic music path and tripled his income. Could have did sitcoms, and wiped his A$$ with a rap royalty check. He could have kept the beard blond, and sucked up to trump rally enthusiasts! But to his credit he downplayed his White PRIV CARD! Traded it in for a just for mens deep dark beard dye and hoodie gift cards. (joking i use JFM myself =)
I gotta commend him for allot of heat he has taken on social media for the past few years, and never really let it phase him. Kept it Gully the whole time. Challenged a couple of unaccomplished wanna be's, and gave them the hammerknocker beat downs. IMHO he is a contributor to the culture that many young aspiring rappers of all nationalities can benefit from. I just hope to never see him on Nickelodeon getting slimed, or Disney channel doing voice overs for goofy pigeons, or donkey characters. smprh… if so, will have to retract allot of what i am venting.
Is He a Guest? in Truth only the African American hierarchy should answer that.. But as a Puerto Rican who paid dues in this culture since day one (when it was coined HIP HOP in 1981)
I'd bump him up to Roommate, or 3rd Cousin, maybe even give him a light bill, and TV remote rights, so long as he don't switch the channel to FOX we good.
Stay Bless yall!

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