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top row: Nac 143 (my cousin), ??, Bobby Booey, Peter Gun, Arnie
bottom row: rek aka mr wiggles, girl ??, and Dore FBA

the original bronx Crew i came from, We did it all, dj, mc, write, dance, went to jams all over the bronx since we were kids, this pic was taken around 1984/85, probably before we went to a jam. our spot was the P.A.L. (police athletic league) in the bronx on 156 street and fox st. It was like a comunity center. where we had our jams, and played ball, or just chilled. Every night we hit the L (short for PAL), and after that we went to the Roller Rink, jams, or Movies, or the Corner where we hung out and slap boxed, and drank. real BX style.
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