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OK it was a rock steady crew tour in JAPAN. It was me, CRAZY LEGS, MUSAMI POP, KEN SWIFT, AND TONY TOUCH. We had just got into OSAKA. And any one who knows about JAPAN, knows that OSAKA is where all of the best poppers are at. We get to this club where we are supposed to perform and judge a contest called DANCE DELIGHT. When we got there it was POPPIN AND LOCKIN CITY!!! Every body was either a popper or locker. Man I was SHITTIN IN MY PANTS. Not  because they might attack me, ( IM used to that ) but because it was a flash back of the 80's. Any way, we performed and we judged the contest ( COIN LOCKERS WON ). but after the contest it was on. I had saw GO and all of his boys on the side of the stage, so we opened up a circle, and shit started right away. All of his boys were jumpin on me ( that's how they do it in JAPAN ). but I was focused on that lil skinny guy. He hit hard and precise and had some good moves, but I had more. HE ANIMATED AND I ANIMATED-- HE WON THAT HE DID MOVES AND I DID MOVES-- I WON THAT ONE I had just created these connecting waves that went all over my body , and I had allot of stock that day. he looked like he was gettin upset or something, maybe I was gettin to aggressive or I don't remember. But the battle ended on that note. And we left to the next city. RESULTS: DRAW

Any dancer who was there can attest to this night. I was on a mission, after what had happened to me in the last trip ( check wiggles and shrimp -Vs- japan), I was coming back for vengeance. Win lose or draw I wanted to step to any body and every body in the house. It was during the " TRIBAL TOUR '98". It was an ill tour. I had just started really learning from the "BOOGALOOS", so I wanted to test out some of the battle theories that they were explaining to me (top secret so don't ask. lol). So on this night we were scheduled to perform "ROCK STEADY" (EASY ROC, CRAZY LEGS, MYSELF, AND FLOOR ROCK) and "STYLE ELEMENTS" (REMIND and CRUMBS). It was in this club that had like three floors, with a different event on two separate floors. It was ill. so before our show I decided to see what was happening up stairs, and when I peeked inside, THERE WAS MAD POPPERS EVERYWHERE!. I got so amped, and I knew I was gonna get mine that night. So finally we went on. Man on that night it was the "CRUMBS SHOW!". He went the f$ck off. I was like DAMN, WHAT'S THIS KID BEEN EATIN!". It was a cool show, we ripped and when it was over I quickly ran up stairs and chilled in the other event. I saw some kids gettin off, I was feelin it, so I just jumped out, I just started gettin off and I was lookin at a few heads to see who wanted some, so me and a couple of poppers went at it, but they wasn't doin much. Then I turned around and low and behold. It was "GO" (check the battle between wiggles-Vs-go). He had this big smile on his face, and I didn't waist any time. I jumped on him and we went at it, I was throwin allot of my new boogaloo skills on him, dancing and all, I felt really good. He started throwin some ill combinations, animations and stuff, he looked dope. I did some break downs that I learned from watchin "SAM", and mixed it with some ground moves, he did some ill ground moves as well. Some similar to mine, then he did this traveling move on one foot and landed in my face, so I did my remind shoot and landed in that chill out freeze in his face, we had such a great time. He finally quit (we went at it hard for a while) but I didn't want to stop, so I hit up on another kid, and he got pissed and jumped out and did some hard hits, but he wasn't saying much, so I started picking on some dime stoppers and robot kids, they was ill. they barely did anything, and then just posed lookin at me. I was like "NICE"!. I  was feelin them, but next thing you know "GO" came back out on me. SHIT!. I was gettin a little tired at that point, but I was like FUCK IT! Me and him went a couple of rounds, he got off on this flat back pancake move that brought him up and down, so I got off on an ill wave combo that I used to do, a couple of other kids tried to jump in, and then I ended it on a cool note and was walkin out as the last man standing. Then next thing you know . some kid who was watching all that time (never went in), and he came out fresh as a daisy, did some nice footwork while poppin, and landed in my face. The crowd ate it up. I was like ( man that aint right, he waited till I was dead after about an hour of gettin down, battling, and I just did a show, and now he comes out). I was upset. And toooooo tired at that point. But I new I held mine against at least  eight good poppers. So I had a great night. I just wished I had it on tape. MAN!..... RESULTS: IT WAS AN UNEVEN BATTLE, WITH SOME QUALITY POPPERS. SO I CAN'T SAY I LOST. BUT ME AND GO WAS ABOUT EVEN I GUESS. I WOULD HAVE TO SEE THE TAPE AGAIN.

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