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It was a normal day in the Bronx, always exxpect the unexpected. As kids we knew, anything could pop off at any moment in the worst ghetto in America. On this day, we had no idea we would be caught in the cross fire. So me and my friends were about to go and play foot ball at PELHAM BAY PARK in the BRONX. Me Omar, Peter, my brotha Danny, Hayden, and the rest of the fellas was sittin on this car at the corner of LONGWOOD and FOX, waiting for the rest of the fellas. suddenly we heard what sounded like fire crackers comin from the bodega across the street. "PA! PA! PA!" We looked and saw this middle aged Spanish man running from out the store towards us. At first I thought he was shootin at us or something, cause he was heading right towards us. But when we looked again, a man was running out the store after him firing a 38, or 44 or something. ' PA! PA!. And that's when we scattered  like a bunch of roaches when the lights turn on. We all felt the bullets grazing by us. I ran into the gap of the building closest to the corner, but then I got scared cause it was still too close to the violence. So I took off again and headed up the block almost crying. When the shots ceased, the first thing I did was look for my brotha Danny (he is one year older than me) I was like "DAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNYYYY!!!! WHERE'S MY BROTHA!!!, finally we found each other and that was a relief for both of us. We saw the gunner run down LONGWOOD like we went to see the outcome. What we found was a dead man laying next to the car we was sittin on. He was all shot up. I have to give the man props, he didn't go easy. Man. That shit was toooooo close. We stood there until the cops came. And when they did ..The strangest thing happened. Instead of the cops waiting for the ambulance to get the body. They just picked the man up, threw him in a car, and that was it. They was gone. It stood in my head he whole night why the cops would do that. I was so used to seeing the cops come and then the ambulance come and take the body. Kids notice shit you know. But it didn't take too long before I could understand what a police hit was. HHHMMMM.

This photo shows the actual bodega where the shootout took place. Taken by famed Bronx Photographer RICKY FLORES. You can google his work. He documented our hood since the late 70's.

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Kyusyu Workshop 2014

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