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Mr Wiggles DVD's

mr wiggles ground moves dvd

Tricks & Moves DVD

mr wiggles party rock dvd

Party Rock DVD

mr wiggles floats and glides dvd

Floats & Glides DVD

mr wiggles vocab dvd

Vocab DVD

mr wiggles animatgion dvd

Animation DVD


scarecrow dance wizard of oz

scarecrow cartoon

scarecrow cartoon (skeet)

shields & yarnell puppet

tickin influence

mechanical boy

Michael Jackson as the Scare Crow

Michael Jackson doing the funky robot

harryhausen cyclops

harryhausen medusa

harryhausen kali

skelleton fight

snake hips

cab calloway

Bounce Rock Skate Tee

The Bronx Map Tee

bronx map tee

Live for the Funk Tee

live for the funk

Latinos are Hip Hop Tee

latino hip hop tee

Sendai Japan Class

Kids were Rockin!

click here to see

Kyusyu Workshop 2014

Class in Kyusyu was off the Chain! Click the link and see: