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Cats putting broadway/theater credits on they resume, slow down! Lets get this straight. Before you say you danced on Broadway, recognize "NEW VICTORY THEATER IS OFF BROADWAY", with MINIMUM RUNS! I have done 3 legit BROADWAY SHOWS, in legit BROADWAY HOUSES. ST JAMES THEATER twice, and IMPERIAL THEATER. WITH FULL ON REHEARSALS AND FULL RUNS! 2 i played ensemble, 1 starred in. With REAL BROADWAY PRODUCERS, and Serious Broadway House Tours worldwide after the run. No small seaters. BROADWAY TICKET PRICES! JAM ON THE GROOVE was an OFF BROADWAY SHOW, that toured BROADWAY SIZE HOUSES worldwide with Broadway ticket prices. You must learn the difference if you are gonna venture in THEATER. It is important you understand, so you can further your career that direction, and stop accepting small house theaters, and lower ticket price markets. ONCE you open a show in lower bracket, you branded your show for small theaters that can't support a FULL CAST and ENSEMBLE! This is the curse of HIP HOP THEATER. Doing a dance review, or dance concert, or performing for gamblers and smokers is not good enough. You need a SCRIPT and a STORY, as well as Real Lighting and Sound Design. And never open a show in any theater until you sign a deal for a Legit house. You must have patience, it can take up to 10 years of work in progress before you open a show correctly. get the knowledge and stop short changing your work. THEATER is still the most important platform for young dancers to build performance skills. MARKET YOUR WORK TO AN ACTUAL THEATER AUDIENCE, and you can really make great change in HIP HOP, and not just be a spectacle for lesser artists. bless up stay busy KNOW YOUR WORTH.

mr wiggles started in Largley new york with Bill Erwin and Leon Chesney, here depicted in a drawing by famous theater artist (click image)

bless wigs

The Latest

Sendai Kids Revisit

Unico Getting Down 2

My son throwing down

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Unico Popping 1

Reimi RSC Crew

Throwing Down

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Tokyo Class

Killer Kids again!

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Sendai Japan Class

Kids were Rockin!

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Kyusyu Workshop 2014

Class in Kyusyu was off the Chain! Click the link and see: 

Okinawa Workshop

Okinawa was Great! The class was packed, and we drilled hard Popping and Grooving, did a great combination, and lecture on Hip Hop and Funk Styles. when in Okinawa visit Zephyr Studios, Home of Bitter Box Sisters (best Female Locking Duo) Also Haruki i is a Great Popper and Instructor.

Bua Paints Hip Hop

Justin Bua is probably the most well known Urban Artist on the planet. I am sure either you, or someone you know has a Bua poster on his or her wall right now. He grew up on the same streets as many original Hip Hop Icons like Frosty Freeze (RIP) and Ken Swift. And has lived the life of a New York Street Style Dancer and Artist. His paintings sell all over the world, and his client list is a who's who of the Music, Athletic and Political world. For this brother to honor me in such a way has touched me deep, because I never really look at myself as an achiever, but more as a person who is still striving to achieve. 

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