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Jazz dance is a Street Style Dance! It was the Hoofers/Tap Dancers, The Big Apple, Charlston, and more! Get this right yall, then it transformed into a stage performance style, and that is fine, but the roots are still with African American Street Dancers!!!  Today's Commercial Dance style is not Hip Hop Dance, it comes from a long line of JAZZ dance that borrowed moves from Street style dancers, or used street and gang themes in there choreography. This is not a debate, THIS IS FACT! All those who acknowledge that will understand that Street Jazz is a legit art form, but you must first know the history of original JAZZ DANCE and the history of how it went commercial, then borrowed movement from street style dances like Popping, Locking, Breaking and Rocking. First starting with Original Jazz dance of Harlem done to Jazz Music.

  It is important to note that choreographers like Bob Fosse,  Micheal Peters, Lester Wilson, have been pioneering this concept for decades, but the root still stands with the original Hoofers/Tap Dancers, Lindy Hoppers, and Charleston dancers who actually did these dance styles to Jazz Music.

  Original Hip Hop choreography is from Breaking and Freestyle Hip Hop. It started with BBoys/BGirls rocking fresh Routines in there battles and show cases in the 70's and early 80's. But the most notable era was in the 90's when Members of MOP TOPS/ELITE FORCE made a major impact on the Music Industry choreographing videos for artists like Mariah Carey and Will Smith. Soon after 80's Street Style Dancers likeChris Shake Mathis, Darren Henson and Anthony Thomas  started learning Jazz and incorporated Jazz with Hip Hop to create todays Street Jazz style.  But remember,never did we call Street Jazz HIP HOP! 

HIP HOP DANCE IS: Originally BREAKING, PARTY ROCKING, FREESTYLE.  Then in the early 80's we combined forces with our West Coast Family, and added POPPING and LOCKING. 

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