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words for BBOYS/BGIRLS
-There is NO SUCH THING as a TOP ROCKER. the dance is BREAKIN,
-USE ALL THE BASIC 2 Steps of TOP ROCK Before you add anything on TOP! if you don't know what i mean, DONT ENTER A TOP ROCK ROCK BATTLE..
-DONT DO ANYTHING you would not do in a BBOY/BGIRL CIPHER..
-If you are entering a TOP ROCK battle you must first learn how to BREAK.
-In TRC you can't enter our Contest until you do 1 round of BREAKING.
-If you use Social Dance in TOP ROCK, Keep it relevant to BBOY/BGIRL SOCIAL DANCES!!! Like the PATTY DUKE, SMURF, FREAK.. Not Locking Soul Dances! Use BBOY/BGIRL SOCIAL DANCE! they do Exists...
-The Key to Real TOP ROCK is GO OFF like your about to HIT the FLOOR!.. TRC Battles is TOPS and DROPS strictly... you gotta hit the floor at least 2 or 3 times per round to succeed.
-IMHO Top Rock that came up in the late 70's - early 80's used allot of FREESTYLE ROCK inspired from BRONX ROCKERS.. Yes that is true.. BUT DONT GO OVER BOARD.. Keep it BBOY/BGIRL..
-If you try to catch every BEAT (bell and whistle) in the SONG.. You are what we consider DOING THE YNOT... That is FINE if you want to be called a BITER or NON ORIGINAL... You will not get my vote for doing my Partners STYLE. It is best that you take the Originality approach and win or lose with your own style..
-YES THERE IS A BBOY/BGIRL GROOVE, It is Written in Every Original HIP HOP SONG... "don't stop the body rock" Please do not confuse that with the JACK, the BOUNCE, or Locking Grooves..

-Top Rock Battle are getting Wack in other events, because they don't give a Fuck about what it means... Top Rock is the Dance Before you hit the Floor.
As the Nuhga Twins say. They used to Break More on TOP in the first generation, before they hit the floor, They even Stayed on TOP the whole record before the DJ Cut the Breaks! (how they cut the Break in the early 70's was different than how they Cut the BREAKS in the mid to later 70's, which is why IMHO: BBoys stayed on the floor longer in the later 70's.. and how the dance evolved. )
-Early 70's they let the record play until the break and then they cut it up.
Means the BBOYS/BGIRLS danced longer on TOP (Herc, Bambatta)
-Later 70's, the DJ cut to the chase, and jumped right on the BREAK (like FLASH and THEADORE) and hardly ever played the song... Which is why later 70's BBOYS were on the floor longer...
and eventually lead to the dance's demise... too much ground work killed breaking by 1978, and everyone did the FREAK.. It is now noted that the FREAK was the main HIP HOP dance between 1978-81.. even got confirmation that the FREAK helped spread HIP HOP all city during this time.. Thus giving birth to the RAP Cedence "FREAK FREAK YALL"
This category is taking allot of Heat from the Bboy/BGirl community, because other events are hosting WACK Top Rock Battles.
-FROM THIS POINT ON, I will only judge a TRC with my Partner BBOY YNOT... 3rd judge is THE CROWD, (the Crowd is the tie breaker)... Not no Famous Bboys from your country, or not any promoters choice for 3rd judge...nobody else..
I Know it;s along read, but i had a triple

Thạch Sơn Tùng Yes!! Word..thank Wigz for the knowledge and inspiration!
Luis Fernando Archundia Flores Thanks a lot for sharin your knowledge.
Ricky Stuntman RocAny Well... that was a nice little morning read
DaddyLong Leggs This magnificent, I totally agree with every nuance of this topic. You how should I say WENT OFF on this one Steffan Clemente and its interesting to note, when you came out here two years ago to providence and we did TRC Here which to this day has taug...See More
Steffan Clemente If y'all have not seen Kapela Kapelson Marna CompteFull BREAK, he will shock y'all for real.. I stould on top a balcony at an Event, and watched Kapela, rock a cipher, and saw the BBOYS mad shocked... My brotha is NICE... don't sleep..
Anna Eileen Jeppesen Dropping some mad bombs right there!!
DaddyLong Leggs If this was akin to warfare this would be similar to mad bombs dropped from the bottom of the WWII Planes over the Hip Hop dance communites head, its just something thats really needed to be expressed for so long...
Lucas Marie Catching every beat in a Top Rock is Ynot's style? Did he invent dance to the beat?
Steffan Clemente Lucas Marie thats not what i wrote.. please re read and quote me correct and then i will discuss
Lucas Marie Sorry but didn't you say, "if we catch every bell and whistle in a song" then we are biting Ynot?
Steffan Clemente QUOTE: If you try to catch every BEAT (bell and whistle) in the SONG.. You are what we consider DOING THE YNOT. END QUOTE YNOT made this his style. But no where did I imply that he created dancing to the beat...
Ricky Stuntman RocAny Steffan Clemente I wouldn't go as far as saying he made it his style but one of thee best for sure! I know we all know mad cats that freaked bells and whistles, myself included.
Steffan Clemente Ricky Stuntman RocAny I did too.. so did Kenny.. But i think people know that YNOT took that too a whole other level.. with his FEET, and I think we all know what i'm talking about... just saying.. did he OWN it, was he the first? didn't say that.. we all know what I'm talking about.
Lucas Marie Wiggles what you have just wrote implies that Ynot created it. If you are saying it's his style and that we are biters if we do it, then how else can we interpret it?
Steffan Clemente you can interpret it any way you want.. i know and everyone knows exactly what i mean..
Steffan Clemente if i said Ricky Stuntman RocAny made his style by characterizing songs.. and rocking the lyrics.. I would be correct.. he was the best at that,,, I know wtf om talking bout.. (excuse myfrench.. love all y'all ..)
Leigh Swifty Evelyn Yea man thaaaaaaaaank you ! About that time ! You have me the best advice b4 teach and that was that I remind you of a characterful party dancer from your day !!!! That was like I'm just me Swifty and that's it !!!! Win loose or draw I always me ! Even I started being like Ynot and Ness Bronx said he loved ynot but let him do that you keep being Swifty !!!
Leigh Swifty Evelyn Bro come train with me let's build ! I'm only in the uk and dance a lot with true peeps and have learnt from dudes that KNOW ! Kenny legs wiggs trac stretch Ness Bronx and I'll be glad to share what they showed me !
Nico DrBeat Is that the same SWIFTY I met at Breakin Convention pioneers week with Kenny? And we're u replying to me there??
Leigh Swifty Evelyn Yea man thts me !!! And yea I was talking to you man always open to conversation and relate !
Ricky Stuntman RocAny Steffan Clemente I know you know wtf you talking about. You know I know. I know I know.

But let's be real not everyone know. I just wanted to get it clear to cats that don't know yet won't ask... We know G!
...See More
Steffan Clemente True dat. Always respect brotha Ricky Stuntman RocAny shared the cipher with you many times Hermano. Your the real deal. GOOD STUFF.
Nico Lopez There's a way of rocking up top and freaking instruments and lyrics without biting and dancing like Ynot and Ricky Stuntman RocAny. If cats can't figure it out they aren't even trying. Lol.
Ness Bronx How's this...? At people are calling top rock battles ain't top rock battles. It's freestyle dance.
Leigh Swifty Evelyn After Kenny showed us in 2008 about characters in dancing from top to bottom i.e. the Frosty freeze headache the home the truck driver all of the steps and down Rock that he showed us lately always think about what characters I wanna display when I'm d...See More
Quoc Anh Nguyen thanks for the words Wigz ... alot of fresh stuff here. And i still got some questions that i really want to ask u more :
1. U explained about how BBoys stayed longer on top in the early 90s. Few days ago , someone wrote that at the beginning , BBoy
...See More
Peemski Foy Yo old Skool, bitta up rock body poppin an breakin in every moves, just change it all the time & keep your best moves til the end ,if you r challenged , HIPHOP DONT STOP, KID KOOL 1984 ,(illegal breakin ) & ( electro 4 ) old skoolski

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