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DJ Kool Herc

Clive Campbell (born April 16, 1955) DJ Kool Herc and Kool DJ Herc, Born in Jamaica, Relocated to the Bronx New York. Was the DJ who focused on Break Beats, as opposed to most DJ's of the time that mixed ghetto style disco (dirty disco) Herc focused on a style called the Merry Go Round where he would just drop in on the Funky Drum Breaks and keep bringing in the Breaks of popular as well as obscure drum breaks, thereby remixing and extending the Breaks through out the party.. Herc's tapes circulated all over the Bronx and instantly became a Ghetto Celebrtity, and influenced all the popular DJ's in the Bronx to change there style from Disco to Breaks. Herc also got MC Coke La Rock to rock the mic at his parties, he also Hyped up the BBoys and Bgirls with his Phrases and Shout Outs.


Herc is said to have thrown the first actual Hip Hop Jam in 1973, where he first displayed his new style of playing music.

He is said to have also influence Afrika Bambaataa and would eventually Battle Bambattaa in the Bronx in the later 70's.

In the mid 70's Kool Herc was attacked at one of his parties and stabbed. 

Kool Herc later apeared in the Harry Belefante movie "Beat Street" as a DJ in the fictional Burning Spear club.

Herc's system was said to be the best in the Bronx and he used a Macintish AMP and he called his speakers the Herculoids. Rumor in the streets  were that the Herculoids were also members of his crew. Back

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Bua Paints Hip Hop

Justin Bua is probably the most well known Urban Artist on the planet. I am sure either you, or someone you know has a Bua poster on his or her wall right now. He grew up on the same streets as many original Hip Hop Icons like Frosty Freeze (RIP) and Ken Swift. And has lived the life of a New York Street Style Dancer and Artist. His paintings sell all over the world, and his client list is a who's who of the Music, Athletic and Political world. For this brother to honor me in such a way has touched me deep, because I never really look at myself as an achiever, but more as a person who is still striving to achieve. 

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