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DJ'S or LIVE P.A. (does that term even exist anymore)
Back in the days, I was down with a del DJ/MC crew in the BX since late 70's, we all Cut, Mixed, Scratched, and rocked the Mic.
But when I made my RSC Mix Tape late 80's, I was asked to DJ mad events, I refused because I had not been on the Tabels for years, (and back then you had to have skills to get a DJ Job)
I explained my Mix tape was done on the ASR 10. So they told me I can do LIVE P.A.... I was like Live PA? he said yes, when you plug in music equipment other than DJ equipment, and rock a party... hmmmmm
That being said: Should todays DJ's that are really just playing music off there laptops, change there name to LIVE P.A. artist? or something as such.
They have no Mixing/Blending/ skills, minimal Cutting and Scratching skills, and some actually can pick good music for small parties, and battles. But are they really DJ's?
Kevie Kev Skeme Richards Ben Slynkee Douglas Jorge Fabel Pabon Rock Steady Crew D.j. Haywire Leva Fiftyseven NextOne AgeofAquarious
all DJ's please respond....

Rock Steady Crew Steffan Clemente yooo. send me the file so i can use it for my classes in Italy.
Kevie Kev Hahaha. They should just bloody invest some time into their art. It doesn't even take long to get decent skills these days...
Tutorials everywhere.
3-6 months of some head down training and ure set.
People r just lazy.
Steffan Clemente when an English man says the word "bloody" he usually means business.. lol
Kevie Kev It's frustrating...
If ure young and getting into this culture, it's the perfect time to get skills that last a lifetime. Now people want the accolades without grinding.
U can download everything so u don't even have to leave ur house. Spend that extra time practicing. Ask elders for critique. Ignore people that say ure dope. Make sure ur skills are top notch. In ANYTHING u do.
Sparta DoubleStruggle We are living into a society in witch everything is people are missing some passages you need to know where you come from and work hard to keep the right way every can get wrong and you must get wrong until you will's good to be "technologic" but u need the foundations or something REAL even less but REAL..practice, study and LISTEN..we will see on 7th dec can't wait!!!
Ludovic Quirighetti · 19 mutual friends
Had Luck to beguin with vinyls ! Nowadays technologie make Life easier ! No big bag of Disc... But even if i download by net i still continue to have the same approach as bfore ! And workin, practicing the mix of my old collection and the new adds ! I agrée tht some dj get booked only by names and not on ability or styles and keep put same songs over and over (even with Pc) new generation is but lazy to just send music with out workin it or search further
Leva Fiftyseven I started just for the love of the music, buying ***only*** vinyl records I used to like (I don't buy records I don't like just cause of their money value). I wasn't technically a DJ, and I was terribly shy so I started very late as DJ when I realized that at most of the parties I was kinda bored and my friends used to ask me to save parties suggesting and giving ***my*** records to the DJs lol imho, if you're a ***Hip Hop*** DJ, the concept of "flowing" (reading the crowd and having good music) it's important, but also chillen ***live*** with b-boys/MCs/writers or better being also a b-boy/MC/writer makes you understand ***how*** to do it: you need at least minimal mixing/looping skills and not just having good music. And always imho, the "problem" nowadays is that DJs don't travel to chill and observe the b-boys/MCs, they don't attend the jams unless they have been called to spin, DJs don't even chill with other DJs and they stay in their own room! This is why I always traveled a lot, chillen with other DJs but also b-boys and b-girls/MCs and writers, and this is why I appreciate and support the real Hip Hop crews, because it's from crews and personalities who respect the whole concept of Hip Hop that I will always learn ***how*** to do it. Peace brother and thank you for taggin me. #alwaysastudent.
Julnako Gaiolin In my opinion its not only about the equipment, its what u do with it, im not down with controlers but i saw people doing crazy stuff with it! And you have real dj's like kenny dope that can rock cdj's or vinyls...
When i started with my brother we didn't had money for mk2's at first, so we were trying to matching vinyls with the radio on a old furniture turntable that my mom had.. Imagine how challenging it was, nowadays you just have to puch a button on a app to match songs! there's no challenge its too easy...
Renegade is wright people dont practice. since i restart spinning i met a lot of them.. But ones again thats just my opinion
王昊 · Friends with TerryBoogie Wang and 24 others
Yeah, that's it! By the way , I'm Wayne Boogie~ Glad to see u on facebook!
Ben Cozmo D Cenac The term DJ is not ours to define, it's been around since at least the '50s and was basically applied to anyone who entertained an audience with recorded music. Of course, in those days that recorded music came in the form of platters, or "discs". Even in the '70s I played with or listened to DJs who had extremely limited skills, but knew just what to play to rock the crowd. I may have considered them poor DJs, but I never considered them NOT DJs. One of my idols when I started, and the first person I ever heard cutting up a break in '75, was Count JC from Coney Island. He was known for sometimes mixing with 2 reel to reels. I don't think that anyone considered him anything less than a DJ when he did. So, being one to have ALWAYS embraced new technology as it developed, I still adhere to the principal that if you are playing recorded music live for an audience, using whatever method or technology, then you are a DJ. I do draw the line at someone who is simply playing a pre- recorded or programmed set though. They are not DJing, they are engineering.
Kevie Kev I dunno Ben. Every hobby/artform/culture has common terms that are redefined and reinterpreted in the context of what they do. A simple example would be the use of the term Power, as in Power Moves. In physics this is defined as the rate of doing work or the amount of energy consumed per unit time. In Breaking it means something completely different and the jargon is understood within our artform.
Within the context of Hip Hop or street styles, a DJ is one who has a particular set of skills. These include mixing, scratching etc.
I wouldn't expect the same skillset from a Reggae DJ that I would from a Hip Hop one.
Ben Cozmo D Cenac I didn't realize that we were talking specifically about Hip-Hop or street DJs, I thought that we were talking about the term in general. So, let me ask you a question. I am one of those "DJs" who used to rock the parks of Brooklyn in the '70s. I never learned how to scratch. Are you saying that because of this I am NOT a "street DJ"?
Skeme Richards Kevie Kev "if ure young and getting into this culture, it's the perfect time to get skills that last a lifetime". But thats the problem, these people are getting into this for the "culture" they're getting into it because its the cool thing or the pop culture thing to do. They are not worried about showcasing, impressing or learning from those before them. They do it as a time passer mostly.
Kevie Kev I'm saying that things change. The requirements change over time.
If u were to start DJing NOW the requirements would and should be different. Or else...everyone is a DJ.
Ben Cozmo D Cenac So, in other words, 20 years from now when the "requirements" will call for being able to skillfully rock breaks on holographic controllers and vinyl is non-existent, then everything that YOU now consider DJing will no longer be so. See how that works? You can't stop technology.
Ben Cozmo D Cenac And I would argue that what you NOW consider the requirements are no longer the case. Time moves on.
Kevie Kev True. And if I can't or don't adapt then I'll call myself something else. Like music provider or something.
Ben Cozmo D Cenac BTW, HAVE you adapted to rocking controllers and CDJs?
Kevie Kev Hahahaha. Why not? The title doesn't define my skillset.
I have adapted to everything. Even the iPad. I'm a futurist. But I will never lose my old skills.
Ben Cozmo D Cenac So, you consider yourself DJing only when you are spinning vinyl?
Kevie Kev The medium doesn't matter to me. The skills do. To blend, mix, scratch, dig, take the crowd on a journey, educate, adapt etc. Those r the requirements for ME.
Ben Cozmo D Cenac Well, I won't. I earned my title in the trenches, and have continued to refine my skills with every new technology that has come along. I've done so even from the beginning, when quartz locked turntables first appeared, and I jumped to the Technics 1500 MKIIs with digital LED pitch readout in '77. I will be a DJ until I die!
Ben Cozmo D Cenac So, then you agree with me after all as far as the query that Wigz presented. Now, I ask you, if someone only possesses SOME of the skills that you mention, are they not DJs as well? There have to be some poor DJs out there.
Kevie Kev I do agree with u for the most part. I was just sharing my perspective.
And yes, there are a lot of poor "DJ's" out there...
Paris Hilton anyone...?
Ben Cozmo D Cenac LOL, I'm not sure that she possesses ANY of those skills! I think that one we can both share common ground on that she is NOT a DJ!
Kevie Kev But who are we...? HAHAHAHAHAHAH.
The heiress-come-DJ says she's 'honoured and proud to win'|By NME
Steffan Clemente so does the word LIVE P.A. have any relevance anymore? I have not heard that used since the 90's. I remember it was mostly cats rocking parties with Drum Machines, and 1 turntable and stuff like that... Blessings
Kevie Kev I think it does for people like Araab Muzik or Skrillex. That would apply to them I think.
Leva Fiftyseven When you don't have 2 turntables but something like 1 turntable and a drum machine they (promoters) call it "Live Set", the word "DJ" is not mentioned
Steffan Clemente so how about a person who uses a laptop, with no DJ skills? no blending, no cutting, no party rocking skills... only 1 beat at a time for battles...ext... lol... i know i am picking on this subject..
Ben Cozmo D Cenac Yeah, what Leva just said. I haven't heard the term "Live PA" used in a few years now, but when electronic artists"perform" these days that is usually what their performance consists of.
Ben Cozmo D Cenac I think that we should coin a phrase for that Wigz, I REFUSE to call that person a DJ! LOL!
Jay Homer Tee · 2 mutual friends
Boo to technology past CD decks !
: D
An example i just bought a compilation by Ministry Of Sound called 80's Mix,atrocious plastic sound & early 80's double deck console style mixes ! : S
Whereas Streetsounds Electro records/tapes are more credible(Especially Electro 3 where Imperial Brothers goes into Jam On It-that's skills !!!) ! : D
Jay Homer Tee · 2 mutual friends
As long as the peoples dancing they don't care about how the DJ is showing skills-should be called iDJ's now !
Jess T Torres Anyone who rocks a party using lap top, software, triggers midi gear should be considered a avid controllerism Activist. Controllerism Technician or simply a controllerist.
Defined as-Controllerism is the art and practice of using musical software controllers, e.g. MIDI, Open Sound Control (OSC), joystick, etc., to build upon, mix, scratch, remix, effect, modify, or otherwise create music, usually by a Digital DJ or Live PA performer, often called a "controllerist". Controllerism is also a nod to traditional musicianship and instrumental-ism paired with modern computer sequencing software such as Ableton Live and Native Instruments Traktor.
Steffan Clemente for those not hip to whats going on in the worldwide scene. There is a big problem with people downloading music, and then taking jobs at BBOY/BGIRL events, based on the amount of music on there hard drive and not on SKILLS. back in the days you had to submit a MIX TAPE to get a DJ gig... now you just gotta download music and thats it... blessings
Ben Cozmo D Cenac Anyone who rocks a party should be called a party rocker.
Jess T Torres Wigs, you still rocking the ASR-10?
Jess T Torres There is still a certain skill required to download music. MP3's are so compressed that you loose the whole sound spectrum (frequency Range) nothing beats the sound of vinyl. There are no short cuts. You can always tell MP3's when played over a sound system. Serrato has saved the career of some 1/2 steppers. Unfortunately today's up and comers rely on technology and not the skills. Like film makers and photographers who should learn how to film in black and white and use lighting as well as photographers who should learn how to develop film in an old fashion dark room. It not only preserves the art it help cultivate the essence of the spirit.All in my humble opinion and the two analogies I can used.
Kevie Kev Wiggz. I think they r wack. And lazy. And an embarrassment to the artform. But that's just me hahahahah
Ben Cozmo D Cenac Yeah, the spinners at some of those B-Boy events are terrible!
Jay Homer Tee · 2 mutual friends
I think it's embarrasing if people can't do the job-shows maybe the organisers can't do their job,for hiring these people...
I bet old skills like phazing(only an example-perhaps people wouldn't bother with it !) have been totally forgotten,as a button can do it on a Pioneer mixer...
Forrest Getemgump Nothing has changed here Wiggles. I have played on the computer several times but don't bother with at all anymore. IT is boring and wack to me. Your first rock steady tape was inspirational to many when you put it out. IT was artful and put together nice. I just double it up and stay in the trenches digging everyday. Nothing has changed
Kevie Kev Nail on the head Jess.
With the physics analogy again. When u start studying, u go from first principles. U don't jump in and start doing particle physics and quantum theory to pretend ure a big brain.
U should always start from grass roots and build up.
But I blame promoters as well...Scrimping on the most important part, the music, so they can book a famous dancer judge that points left or right.
Steffan Clemente Jess T Torres is a Genius with that .. haha.. he has been on it since we were kids, he was the one that got me into ENSONIQ !!! EPS... GOOD STUFF BROTHA JESS
Steffan Clemente lol D.j. Haywire.. bruh you need to speak!!! you been rocking since the 70's... remember record shopping? It was you that got me into finding breaks, holding the record up to the light and looking for Grooves!!! lol.. Rhythm Den, Downstairs Records, the spot on Longwood where we got all the bootlegs!!
ZearOne Famecity This is too deep...but for real i say a DJ is a brother or sister that can rock the turntables period!
Bret Trevino · Friends with Unico Clemente and 43 others
Dj is the only element of hip hop you need electricity for. Therefore is it even really an element. Dance no electricity. MC no electricity. Graffiti no electricity. They can be done anytime any place and anywhere. Djing cannot. In my opinion Djing is not a true element of hiphop. Its outside of ourselves. Hip Hop comes from within
Jay Homer Tee · 2 mutual friends
Bret-are u serious ?
Never saw people breaking on cardboard in the street without a ghetto blaster-was that immaterial aswell ???
And lights are needed with electric-or are they immaterial ???
NextOne AgeofAquarious Wow thats a very interesting topic thanks wigs for taggin me!
First of all salute to everyone in here...
Well I got introduce in the Dj artform thru Hip Hop culture so I invest my time to learn in the way DJ artform was define in the Hip Hop way thru The essence of diggin first always lookin' for the perfect beat and the dope sound good enuff for my ears...the right ingredients to rock a Party also to try to play in your own unique way.... then including the use of technical skills to help the journey with the remarkable way we have when we play Music in Hip Hop thru all the good stuff like mixing, cutting, scratchin a lil bit (only if necessary) everything with two copies of the same records...Thats imho the way I like to play my Music because I learn it thru the Hip Hop way... but I agree with many dj has been there already a minute in different time and in different way.. bt using different tools, anything the newer tecknology brings out....aint nutting wrong in usin different tools....djing is definitely fun...but I like to remind to myself if you involved in a Culture called Hip Hop you should know how a dj play in the Hip Hop way.
Peace to everyone
The NextOne
Alex Originalrenegade Hip hop is a party so a Dj is needed. He/She need to know how to rock a floor. To many want to be a famous Dj without doing the work..
Ali Flores · Friends with AJ MegaMan and 10 others
I submitted this all vinyl mix to Red Bull BC One B- Boy battle in the UK back in the days but I did not win The funk / popping mix coming soon , always with cuts , scratches , and blends . I'd love to rock a popping Battle .Hit me up y'all !
Bret Trevino · Friends with Unico Clemente and 43 others
The sun is light. The ground is my dance floor. All i need is a stone against another stone to do graffiti. All we have to do is rhyme and beatbox with our mouths to make music. Dj is element of technology and without a plug it doesnt exist. What were parties before electricity. They were parties. Dont need nothing but the elements of the earth to do hip hop. Use your head Jay Homer Tee. Dont try to protect the faith. Truth is truth. Ive hiphoped all through the wilderness without electricty. Didnt need no dj to party. Peace
D.j. Haywire Remember crazy Eddies on Fordham Rd and R&R across the street Brads record Den White plains Rd downstairs records in the train station I went crazy there Music factory on Times Sq I spent my whole youth Corp check there and came home and got my ass whipped
Forrest Getemgump Ali Flores my mix I submitted to red bull some years back went ignored as well. Oh well it didn't stop nothing because I stay on the diggin' because I know what I've acquired over the years isn't on the file sharing circuit so it makes more special
Steffan Clemente damn Crazy Eddies, hahahaha... Music Factory, always saw the legends there... throw back.. The spot on Southern Blvd where we had to run and buy Needles and Belts!!! lol hated when the belt drive popped. . D.j. Haywire
Jess T Torres Wiggz, remember the old Downstairs records in the Train Station (Manhattan), then they moved to that spot in midtown (West) on the second floor. You use to get the old man to let you in that room to hear the really rare Jazz records on those obscure labels. They had the 1200 set up in the back so you could listen before you buy. That was diggin at it's finest. That and the antique stores & flea markets.
Jess T Torres @bret when it comes to true Hip Hop as born from the birth place Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx N.Y. Kool DJ Herc had Electricity(rigged from a lamppost for street Jams) & @ the community center to power a booming sound system (styled from Jamaica ) and...See More
Forrest Getemgump Music Factory (Stanley Platzer RIP), Downtown, Downstairs

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