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Style Writing art (GRAFFITI) done on a fresh Denim Jacket (mr wiggles will supply the jacket) And rock it with dynamic colors, backdrop scene, and of course signed by Wigs himself. Also Social Media Posts of the process (IG, FB stories) and links to your page =) The whole time we will be communicating to make sure it comes out Fresh!
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The 4 Elements

nft art 4 elements
The 4 Elements of Hip Hop(DJ, MC, BBOY, WRITER/graffiti) Mr Wiggles represents real Hip Hop Culture with this Graffiti Icon with MUG Characters (slang term for face characters, with BBOY features) This images were drawn by Mr Wiggles, and detailed with Photoshop. But the style is Classic Mr Wiggles Flavor. BY from real Legends, invest in HIP HOP pioneers.
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Digital Magazine will feature everything from all new Graffiti Alphabets, Meme style articles, Old School Photos, Bronx Stories, WRITING Lessons, Black Book Supply Lists and more. All in a SIMPLE and RAW FLAVA! IMPROVE YOUR LETTER SKILLS, and get fresh content! MONTHLY ISSUES!
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